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NMP BFM requests and queries

NMP participants occasionally make changes to headings in authority records. When these headings are represented in the Library of Congress catalog, LC should be notified in certain cases so that bibliographic file maintenance (BFM) can be done. Previously, all heading changes had to be reported. Because of new software that will inform LC when a 1XX field in an authority record has changed, it is no longer necessary to report "straightforward changes to 1XX headings," (which includes name/title heading changes) such as in these examples:

from 130 0 $a Aveditionrockets
to     130 0 $a Avedition rockets

from 110 2 $a Kratzau (Concentration camp)
to     110 2 $a Kratzau I (Concentration camp)

from 100 1 $a Rubin, Joel
to     100 1 $a Rubin, Joel, $d 1955-

Because the new software doesn't handle newly created authority records, it is still necessary to report the following changes:

These types of changes and queries should be sent directly to the following e-mail address: This e-mail account was established specifically to handle this correspondence. Responsibility for responding to BFM requests and queries will rotate monthly among senior music catalogers at LC.

A list of the types of BFM that LC still needs to have us report is on the NACO website:

Please send notification of all changed headings to Alan Ringwood, editor of the Music Cataloging Bulletin.

Please mail comments or suggestions about the MOUG Website to Jennifer Matthews
Last updated 18 February 2015

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