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MOUG-L is an electronic discussion list for the dissemination of information and the discussion of issues and topics of interest to music library professionals. Postings routinely include discussion of music cataloging issues, OCLC products and services as related to music cataloging and reference work, related announcements, and information about conferences and other professional development opportunities. MOUG-L is an open discussion list; anyone may subscribe.

Originally established at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas by Cheryl Taranto, the list has served the organization as a discussion medium since 2000. In 2008 the list was moved to a new location at the University of Kentucky and is currently hosted by Kerri Scannell Baunach.

For questions about the list or to report any problems with the list, please contact Kerri Scannell Baunach at kscannell@uky.edu.

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Last updated 22 October 2013